Tethys Naval KG

Maritime Risk and Compliance Management

Welcome to Tethys Naval 

In current times, the perception of globalization is linked to great business prospects due to enhanced global good exchange as well as service delivery. Connected with the development of opportunities, on the shady side of globalization new threat scenarios emerged e.g. failing states, international organized crime, piracy and terrorism. Because of the significant role in global trade, the maritime sector is exceptionally exposed to these constant security threats, which requires an appropriate risk and crisis management. 

Tethys Naval provides independent and tailored consultancy in terms of risk and crisis management with the objective to increase corporate resilience and to secure core businesses. Our team consist of former navy officers with wide knowledge and experience in the field of risk and threat assessments as well as security concepts and law enforcement measures at sea. 

Tethys Naval offers integral corporate advisory and training in prevention, dealing and postprocessing of security related incidents aboard in compliant with international legal conventions. If you are interested in further information about our service, please contact us by mail: management[at]tethys-naval.com.